Monday, August 27, 2012

E aproveitando o post passado, uma reflexão com a qual eu me identifico bastante quando escrevo sobre livros/filmes:

"To condemn films, to say they are bad, or shallow or slipshod, or immoral because of their commercial appeal, or unlikeable or stupid…whatever – I have never known how to do that. I’m bored by it and not very good at it. It literally does not interest me. It’s work, really hard work, very difficult, and it’s good that there are still critics who know how to do it (what’s more, there are fewer and fewer of them), but I do not wish to do that work.

So deep down I am not a real critic. Or whatever of the critic is in me only works at full capacity (I should say, to my best possible standard) in the initial preliminary choice of what to write about, which film, director or issue. I don’t write on all the films or directors that I like, far from it. But today, in any case, if I write about a film, it is because I like it."

Sylvie Pierre, 2002 em entrevista disponível aqui

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