Monday, November 26, 2012

Ornamento do Mundo

Trecho de Ornament of the World de María Rosa Menocal:

"In the end, it would be al-Andalus's vast intellectual wealth, inseperable from its prosperity in the material realm, that made it the 'ornament of the world.'
The rich web of attitudes about culture, and the intellectual opulence that it symbolized, is perhaps only suggested by the caliphal library of (by one account) some four hundred thousand volumes, and this at a time when the largest library in Christian Europe held no more than four hundred manuscripts. Cordoba's caliphal library was itself one of seventy libraries in a city that apparently so adored books that there were seventy copists in the book market who worked exclusively on copying Qurans."

Abd al Rahman I, príncipe exilado
 da dinastia dos Umayyads que foi para a península ibérica
Córdoba, capital do califado

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