Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Toda insanidade coletiva tem sua lógica interna

Paul Krugman e Robin Wells sobre o desastre americano, que continua amanhã independentemente de quem ganhar a eleição:

"... for three decades before the financial crisis American politics and policy had been increasingly dominated by laissez-faire ideology, by the belief that markets—and financial markets in particular—should be allowed to run free. Then came the inevitable crash. But far from demanding a return to stronger regulation, much of the American electorate turned to the view that the crisis was caused by too much government intervention, and rallied around politicians aiming to dive even deeper into the policies that led to crisis in the first place."

e depois:

"We have a depressed economy in large part because Republicans have blocked almost every Obama initiative designed to create jobs, even refusing to confirm Obama nominees to the board of the Federal Reserve. (MIT’s Peter Diamond, a Nobel laureate, was rejected as lacking sufficient qualifications.) We have a huge battle over deficits, not because deficits actually pose an immediate problem, but because conservatives have found deficit hysteria a useful way to attack social programs."

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Paulodaluzmoreira said...

O espantoso discurso de vitória obâmico confirma minha suspeita de que a "Amerka" é mesmo um lugar onde o ufanismo patrioteiro é levado à sério pelas pessoas.