Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Montagem desajeitada sobre o pesadelo

Esse post vai em forma de montagem.

1. Nota da New Yorker sobre o candidato a candidato a presidente Newt Gingrich:

In a debate a few days earlier, on Fox News, [Newt Gingrich] had called America’s courts “grotesquely dictatorial”; he said that he had “warned” Supreme Court Justices to their faces that if “you keep attacking the core base of American exceptionalism, and you are going to find an uprising against you which will rebalance the judiciary.” He told Schieffer [at CBS] that he was ready to send the Capitol police to bring judges to Congress to explain their decisions, to abolish entire courts, and, as President, to put his hands over his ears and pretend that he didn’t hear rulings that he didn’t like.

2. Post do poeta Charles Simic sobre o espetáculo de horrores das primárias republicanas, sobre o teatro de horrores da Fox News, sobre as nuvens pretas que se aproximam dos Estados Unidos:

“I mustn’t forget, either, that I was surrounded by political exiles in my youth, many of whom, after having lived either under Stalin or Hitler, or in some cases both, never lost their vigilance. Even after twenty or thirty years in the United States, they gave the impression of keeping a suitcase packed under their beds, ready to flee at a moment’s notice should hippies or some variety of American fascists come power.

Lucky for them, they are all long dead, so they can’t read some opinion piece or hear a congressman or a senator today clamor for the very same police state measures they barely escaped from. Watching the government of the country they grew to love curtailing liberties, spying on its citizens, militarizing its police forces, imprisoning both foreigners and Americans indefinitely without having to prove their guilt, and coming to admire the mindset of authoritarian regimes it used to despise, would have been both terrifying and depressing. They could not help but note that some of their fellow Americans who cheer for the death penalty and for torture, and call the people demonstrating against Wall Street lice-infested misfits and degenerates, are no better than the ones they knew back home and are as eager to persecute, imprison, and even commit murder should they be called upon (I think people who clap for death, love war without end, and adore guns are perfectly capable of it). My mother, who never recalled anything but trouble, and was sure the worst was yet to come, would be saying, I told you so, all day long.”

3. Um poema do próprio Simic

Clouds Gathering

Charles Simic

Wild strawberries and cream in the morning.
Sunlight in every room.
The two of us walking by the sea naked.

Some evenings, however, we found ourselves
Unsure of what comes next.
Like tragic actors in a theater on fire,
With birds circling over our heads,
The dark pines strangely still,
Each rock we stepped on bloodied by the sunset.

We were back on our terrace sipping wine.
Why always this hint of an unhappy ending?
Clouds of almost human appearance
Gathering on the horizon, but the rest lovely
With the air so mild and the sea untroubled.

The night suddenly upon us, a starless night.
You lighting a candle, carrying it naked
Into our bedroom and blowing it out quickly.
The dark pines and grasses strangely still.

4. Um contraponto no ensaio "Un gobierno de nadie" de Amador Fernández-Savater, uma das reflexões mais interessantes sobre o momento Europeu e suas repercussões:

"Entregando todo el poder a los mercados financieros, blindándose contra todo atisbo de participación ciudadana, convirtiéndose en simples gestores de lo Inevitable y lo Necesario, los políticos han cavado su propia tumba. Ya pueden quejarse todo lo que quieran Papandreu, Berlusconi o Rajoy cuando le toque: los poderes a los que se ataron han decidido de pronto prescindir de sus servicios y poner en su lugar a otros ingenieros de más confianza. Punto."

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