Monday, December 05, 2011

Rir para não chorar: 15 minutos e 17 segundos

[Ilustração: Retrato de Lucian Freud feito por Francis Bacon]

Então deixa ver se eu entendi: o "debate da sociedade" sobre Belo Monte vai ser feito em torno de argumentos apresentados em um filme de 8 minutos com um monte de atores famosos falando em segmentos de 10 segundos e outro filme de 7:17 com um batalhão de estudantes da UNICAMP falando do mesmo jeito? Quer dizer que em exatos 15 minutos e dezessete segundos eu vou saber tudo o que preciso saber para emitir meu juízo também?
Seria coincidência que juntos eles dão os tais 15 minutos de fama de que o Warhol falava?


rex said...

Paulo, your point is well taken, but I think the release of both videos is rather a response to the fundamental problem of representing ecological violence. What are forms that this representation can assume? It's a problem we face as a society: the aftereffects of ecological violence are so often indirect, postponed, and even outsourced, and the media—which is so used to representing violence that is immediate and instantaneous—does not know how to handle slow violence (Rob Nixon's term).

I agree that both videos you reference are not perfect. In my own reading, they are not trying to disseminate knowledge but rather combat public apathy. There's certainly more work to be done in changing public opinion and educating the public about the Monte Belo dam.

Paulodaluzmoreira said...

Rex, what I would love to watch is a much longer video where two strong defendants of the two opposing points of view responded directly to the claims of the other. Blogs such as Catatau have offered interesting ideas but for the most part what I see is a sequence of monologues with strident rhetoric and very weak arguments. I am also very suspicious when people simply imply I should ignore or accept what people are saying because they work for Globo or UNICAMP. We're witnessing a discussion that is still very superficial and I truly hope we're not going to simply go on making the same stupid mistakes we've made for so long into the 21st century. It's been 500 years now that indigenous peoples have been ignored and the environment destroyed without much pause for thinking on the consequences!

rex said...

Paulo, I agree on all points and would love to see such a sincere debate addressed in the public sphere.

If you haven't already seen this, I have found some good information on the dam(n) project here:

Paulodaluzmoreira said...

I did read it, Rex, but I think it would be really great if we could get two qualified people from the two opposing camps to debate these. What the people in favor of the dam do is to disqualify some of that info and this has to be confronted. Effective information has to move undecided people not just preach to the converts. In that sense I fear the supporters of the dam[n] may be doing a better job unfortunately.