Thursday, September 19, 2013

Um brasileiro lendo sobre os EUA 1

Cinco trechos de uma resenha recente da New York Review of Books me chamaram a atenção:

1.     Uma descrição do que eu suponho que nós poderíamos chamar de “os bons tempos de acordo com a Igreja Católica":

“In an era when reliable birth control was unavailable and abortion was unsafe and illegal, hundreds of newborns were abandoned each year in New York City. Babies turned up in parks and alleyways or on the doorsteps of fashionable houses. These foundlings were assumed to be illegitimate and until 1870 weren’t even welcome at Catholic charity orphanages. Most ended up in squalid municipal almshouses with the paupers, drunks, and insane; nearly all of them died."

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