Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anotações esparsas

1. "Eu escrevo sem esperança de alterar qualquer coisa. Literatura não altera nada... Porque no fundo a gente não está querendo alterar as coisas. A gente está querendo desabrochar, de um modo ou de outro."
Atribuído a Clarice Lispector por Moacyr Scliar

2."The problem with most arguments in the debate about reading is that they posit literature as an instrument used to achieve a certain goal: either the good of the individual (it is good for you) or the good of society (it makes you good). Leaving aside the issue of deciding whether what makes you good is not, ultimately, good for you, a more fundamental question arises: why does literature need to be defended at all?"
Patrícia Vieira em artigo online

3. “It is not without pleasure that I can tell my majestic colleagues who write for humanity, and in the name of humanity, that i have never written a single word other than for a selfish purpose; but at, each time, the work betrayed me and escaped from me.”

Witold Gombrowicz 

4. “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.”
Atribuído a William Faulkner por Burroughs

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