Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O jogo não acabou

E eu me canso de me explicar às vezes.

Tríptico: "The Human Work Force Clings Dwindling From Automation to the Hope of Relevance"

"Sometimes it is when we stop trying ot understand or interrogate apparently 'absurd' phenomena - like the category of the 'new' in art - that we become more open to them."
Zadie Smith em ensaio sobre Joni Mitchell

"'The bulk of new music struck him as 'atonal and noisy, and sopme of it was like cats walking across the piano,' he said. What he liked was its methods. 'Once you saw the instructions - Incorporate silence, or that everyone was to tune his instrument a little off-key and think about a certain thing, or in a piece of electronic music taht hitting a particular key triggered a series of notes - it might still sound random or chaotic like cats walking across the piano, but the means became fascinating to me,' he said. 'The lesson I got was music doesn't have to be about melody, or the way the Beatles did it, or Western harmony dictates these notes sound good together.'"
Alec Wilkinson entrevistando Trent Reznor sobre seu primeiro contato com música erudita contemporânea

"I want to turn my old way of working on its head and limit myself to things I'm not used to. I want to stumble into something that gives a new way to think."
Trent Reznor


sabina anzuategui said...

adorei a terceira citação.

eu não tenho muitos argumentos pra me justificar, mas gosto muito, desde o fim da adolescência, de arte abstrata e musica experimental.

Paulodaluzmoreira said...

Eu acho que essas afinidades não são para a gente justificar, Sabina. Acho que são desculpas para uma coisa que está além de motivos teóricos. Existe arte abstrata bem e mal realizada e arte não-abstrata bem e mal realizada. Agora porque a gente prefere uma bem realizada à outra bem realizada é questão de... afinidade!