Thursday, May 22, 2014


"It is clearer than crystal to the capitalist lords of our planet and of everything in it that things in general are settled for ever: that we should cost as little as possible when at work and we should spend as much as possible when not; that the losses belong to all of us but the profits belong only to them; that we should choose judiciously between two versions of the same thing every four years; and that we should keep the wheels turning whether we die on the way or die when we finally reach the precipice."

"Capitalism is a formidable machine that turns everything into a commodity, reduces everyone to human labor, and churns out a spectacular, sad army composed of the depressed, the anxious and the numb; the obese and the hungry; the heartless and the heartbroken; the cynic and the fundamentalist; the tycoon and the homeless."

"Work to death to buy more of what you don't need and if it's not enough don't worry: credit will let you spend the money you don't have so that you learn in due time that what the large print gives, the small print takes away."

O autor das três frases sou eu mesmo, pensando na abertura de Tale of Two Cities de Dickens numa vã tentativa de ganhar o livro Critique of Everyday Life do Henri Lefebvre que acabou de sair em inglês pela Verso. Por que ainda que você seja o mais pessimista dos homens realmente a esperança é a última que morre. 

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