Monday, March 16, 2015

Fragmentos de um mini-curso 1: Famigerados Tall Men com as raízes presas no nada

“The Anglo-Saxon, who would stay, to endure: the tall man roaring with Protestant scripture and boiled whiskey, Bible and jug in one hand and like as not an Indian tomahawk in the other, brawling, turbulent, uxorious and polygamous: a married invincible bachelor without destination but only motion, advancement, dragging his gravid wife and most of his mother-in-law’s kin behind him into the trackless wilderness, to spawn that child behind a log-crotched rifle and then get her with another one before they moved again, and at the same time scattering his inexhaustible other seed in three hundred miles of dusky bellies: without avarice or compassion or forethought either: felling a tree which took two thousand years to grow, to extract from it a bear or a capful of wild honey.”

"Mississippi" de William Faulkner que você ler aqui

"Se certo! Era para se empenhar a barba. Do que o diabo, então eu sincero disse:

— Olhe: eu, como o sr. me vê, com vantagens, hum, o que eu queria uma hora destas era ser famigerado — bem famigerado, o mais que pudesse!...

— "Ah, bem!..." — soltou, exultante."

"Famigerado" de Guimarães Rosa que você pode ler aqui.

“Cuando crecí y lo busqué me dijeron que estaba muerto. Es algo difícil crecer sabiendo que la cosa de donde podemos agarrarnos para enraizar está muerta. Con nosotros, eso pasó.”
"¡Diles que no me maten! de Juan Rulfo, que você pode ler aqui.

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