Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Escavando notas: procurando os Bernardellis

Oxford dictionary of dance - Le Violon du Diable
Ballet in two acts with choreography and libretto by Saint-Léon, music by Pugni, sets by Despléchin and Thierry, and costumes by Lormier. Premiered 19 Jan. 1849 at the Paris Opera, with Cerrito and Saint-Léon. In the ballet, a retelling of the Faustian legend, the young violinist Urbain is in love with Hélène and allows the sinister Doctor Matheus (Satan in disguise) to bewitch his violin so that its beautiful sound will win over the reluctant Hélène. When Matheus comes to claim the violinist's soul, Urbain refuses. The ballet ends happily when Urbain is delivered from evil and the lovers are united. At the ballet's premiere Saint-Léon played the violin as well as dancing the role of Urbain.

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